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Mac Computers And How They Are As A Gaming Platform

The history of computer gaming goes as far back as the forties, but it was in the 90s when the industry experienced marked improvement, and for that reason a considerable increase in popularity and also sales. It was in the nineties when games moved forward from raster graphics to three-dimensional graphics, and game genres have […]

How You Can Benefit From Online Gaming

One of the first things to go as we get older is our memory. But over the last few years we have seen a number of online games that have been created to tackle this problem because of the way they encourage us to respond quicker and stimulate the brain.   A lot of us […]

Online Gaming And An Example Of A Really Fun Game

As we play more and more games on the computer, we are getting much better at forward thinking and learning how to outmanoeuvre the characters on our screens; therefore games creators really need to bear this in mind when developing games if they want them to continue being so popular.   Angry Birds Online was […]

Tips For Those Who Want To Create Online Games

A while back I created and released an online game and I have to say that doing this was very satisfying. I am very proud of my little game although I don’t expect it to ever get as popular as Angry Birds for instance. I have seen from the analytics that the number of people […]

XBox Live Vs PSN: Which One Is Better?

Most gamers owned either an XBox, a Wii, or the PS3; in simple words, these three consoles dominate the gaming consoles market. They have their pros and cons, however, overall they are very good. All of them try to come up with something new, something better for their gaming clan every year.  This article will […]

How To Become An Online Gaming Champ

If you love playing online games then you probably dream about one day becoming a champ. With top gamers being treated like stars these days, it is no surprise that others aspire to be like them. They actually fully deserve such credit because becoming a top online gamer requires a lot of hard work and […]

Online Gaming And My Predictions For The Future

The times that we are living in are really exciting. The technology that we have today is so far removed from what was available a couple of decades ago that it is astounding. In my opinion, we are going to see a similar thing happening over the next couple of decades. Online gaming is just […]

Is Online Gaming Always Bad For Your Children?

Online gaming has a bit of a bad reputation among parents. Many of them will feel anxious just by seeing their kids spending a little bit of time on online games. What they are worried about is the fact that their child might develop problems socialising with other people because they will become addicted to […]

How Online Games Can Benefit Kids

Some parents feel a bit uncomfortable about letting their kids play games online. The reason they don’t really want their children playing these online games is that they feel they might be bad for them or that they will be just wasting their time. When children are keen to spend many hours in front of […]

The Disadvantages Of Online Gaming

The amount of people who are deciding to play online games has increased quite dramatically over the last few years. These types of games may have held no attraction for some people before but they are now deciding to play them. Online gaming has become popular with many different people from all different backgrounds and […]