Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plasma TV

Plasma televisions have made a big impact on the home theater industry. Since the 1980’s TV has certainly changed. It was common to find black and white TV’s in homes, but now we find slender models, which can actually hang on the wall. Perhaps the biggest decision these days, is deciding which style of TV to buy, LED or Plasma.

Most turn to the plasma style because of the great price. Considering the screen sizes that are available, the price is significantly better than that of an LED. The plasmas used to be a disadvantage because they would not last as long as the LED’s. However, today both plasma and LED’s are made to last about 60,0000 hours. If one is looking for true picture quality, they must look at screens about 50” to get the pixel quality they are looking for.

When shopping in a store, one can quickly pick out a plasma TV, due to the brightness on the picture. This bright feature allows the TV to function superb in any light. Whether a dim lighted room or the broad daylight, the picture quality will remain the same.

Choosing the screen size seems to be another large choice when buying a TV. Most people prefer the larger screens, but can their living rooms accommodate them? There needs to be a good bit of distance between TV and the furniture, at least 10 feet. Make sure to see what size TV the living room cabinet or entertainment center can hold if one is being used.

Another thing that most people do not consider, is that these larger plasma TV’s will not fit in the new smaller style cars. Unless one has an SUV or a van, only a 27” will fit in most of today’s style of cars. Transporting the TV is a big part of the process. While the plasma TV’s are paper thin, the boxes are still large and will take up a great deal of space.

The weight of the plasma TV is another thing to consider. Plasma TVs used gas charged with electricity to create the picture. An LED TV uses small electric crystals through tubes to create its picture. If one intends to hand the plasma on the wall, they need to make sure that the wall can withstand the weight. Older homes that so not have defined studs or the walls are the older plaster, may not be an excellent option for hanging a TV.

One obvious reason to choose plasma TVs is because of the price. For the excellent quality that one gets, the price is drastically more economical over the LED TVs. While the quality is just as good, the internal technology on the plasmas are cheaper to produce, which means savings to the customers.

When a family wants a true theater experience right in their home, the plasma TVs are the way to go. By simply adding a sound system, one will need to look no further than their own home for entertainment. For the theater experience and excellent picture quality, many people are choosing plasmas for their homes.

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