Which Touch Pad Would You Choose?

Are you dreaming about purchasing a new android touchpad?  Quite possibly you are going to get one as a gift for someone.  Or maybe you are actually longing to have one for your own personal benefit instead.  Whatever your purpose in buying a new touch pad, you might be wondering exactly what is the best one that you can buy.  In that respect there isn’t an easy solution to this query, as it depends on just what you will be using yours for.  Let’s examine some top of the line models below, to help you in your search for the best product for your individual circumstances.

 First on the list of the best android touchpads is the Asus Eee Pad Slider.  In the event that you like to do things in a unique way, then this one is the device for you!  This particular item does not contend directly with the iPad, as its design is exclusive.  It features a slide-out keyboard underneath of the screen, which gives you a usability not found on other models.  Free of the need for a docking station or peripheral, you can quickly type up emails or work files when on the go.  In addition, the display screen is top quality as well, along with a good reaction to you finger’s motions and with a clear resolution. 

 Another android touch pad choice is the Samsung Galaxy Tab with an 8.9 inch screen.  This superb unit is highly transportable, having a smaller sized display than the larger 10.1 inch option.  Due to its smaller size, it is both lighter in weight and slimmer, which makes it easier to take it with you.  With the same great construction and parts of the 10.1 model, it operates swiftly no matter what task you give it.  If you use your touch pad about your home most of the time, then you might prefer the larger display which the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will provide.

 The third inclusion on the list of great android touchpads, will be the Sony Tablet S model.  With a high-end construction and intriguing wedge shape, this unit is a great choice.  It is especially good at graphics applications, especially playing games.  Actually, you can even use it for playing the original PlayStation games, this is a nice retro choice that it offers.  Actually, this is a strong tablet for the money, and it will be difficult to get it wrong including this gadget in your collection.

 Another terrific option is the LG Optimus Pad, of course, if you adore the 3D experience, then this could be the touch pad for you!  It has twin 5 MegaPixel cameras that can record 3D movies as well as take 3D photos also.  This is a superb method to take 3D pictures on the move, however to view these you need a Television that is 3D able, since the display simply cannot offer this feature. 

 The last device is perfect should you be on a tight budget, and the Archos 101 G9 is definitely a solid economy choice.  This particular android touch pad can do almost all of what you look for in a tablet, but at a considerably less costly price.  If you just need a basic model for browsing, e-mail, sociable networking and stuff like that, then this may be the touch pad you have been searching for.

 Well, there you now have a list of the most effective android touch pads available on the market today.  Check out your circumstances, and pick out a tablet which best fits your needs.  By doing this, you are sure to end up being satisfied with your selection, and will enjoy your new product for quite some time into the future!

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