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November 2010

How to Successfully Introduce a New Product in a New Market

My goal here is to discuss a few strategies on how to break through a new market with a brand new software product. Many Product Managers of expansion stage software companies are aware of the Ansoff Matrix or Product-Market Growth Matrix. The “suicide cell” in the matrix is the most risky quadrant, where a business […]

Great tips for Starcraft 2 Strategy

A good conventional advice inside of a useful Starcraft 2 Strategy e-book is constantly to analyze your foe. This will aid to be able to anticipate techinques and then more advantageous arrange for builds. It’s possible to look for your opponents set ups and war units to obtain a better gauge for their ability. There […]

Digital video software

Due to the extensive availability of electronic technologies, digital movies are all close to us, at office, inside the conference area at work or in the comfort and ease of our home when surfing online. The likelihood to capture moving pictures while using use of your dslr camera has made it achievable to transform plenty […]

How To Delight Freebees Without Acquiring Annoyed

We consume all heard how you can get all kinds of clean free programs and products on the internet, but where do we begin?  I would wish to contribution some pointers with people of you who are veterans or perhaps just starting out in the society of freebees and freeware.  We are expiration to go […]

Backward Phone Lookup – How to Trace Lookup Any Phone Number

Do you know that prank callers are more difficult to deal with compared to some other matters when we speak about phone like mobile? Your family’s safety is at stake here and it is but up to your capability to get into action any threatening call, no matter who the caller is. Even terrorists are […]

Company Financial Data – Why It is Significant to Your Business

Planning and Control are the two most important ingredients to a Successful Business.  A Business Plan takes most of the guess work out of Business Strategy and Control through solid Financial analysis. Financial Data supplys a  way to gauge where you are in your  Strategic Plans, telling you where changes in your Plan are necessary.  […]

Benefits of online IT recruitment

IT recruitment is simply a program for recruiters who want individuals to complete in the present employment vacancies in their organization. In every region nearly the world many business have their online IT recruitment agency. The World-wide-web is now just a simple basic facility for each and every home hold close to the world. Every […]

Video Production Tips

Did you want to film a video ?  Here are helpful video production tips from a professional that can help you shoot a great video whether you are a professional or amatuer . The greatest videos are produced when you have a good plan before shooting the video . Create a list of items you […]

What is CPU

In this article, I’d like to talk about a bit about the computer term “CPU,” which is short for “central processing unit.” You can also call it simply “the processor.” Lots of people don’t fully grasp this term, so I’ll use some very simple, plain-English methods of explaining it that will just make sense, much […]

Friends Taking on Google

myhomepage was built by two well connected young entrepreneurs Massimo Agostinelli and Max Aengevelt who mix their work at myhomepage with their studies at the European School of Business of London and Cass Business School. Which is quite an accomplishment when you see just how much the business has achieved in such a short period […]